Being game designer

Admit it, the thought of being game designer has crossed your mind while playing a game many times. I'm sure you were playing a game, you liked or disliked, and thought to yourself: "I could do this better." "I want to be part of this"

But how many of you actually know what being a game designer means? Some of us might imagine that all it takes is vision or having great ideas. But it's much more than that.

How did I became game designer?

I had always been a gamer. I loved to play games but I never thought I could actually end up doing games.

I became a game designer pretty much by accident, I was a programmer developing medical applications focused mostly on inclusive design (usability and interfaces design) and I started to match what was a hobby with my work. At that point I realize that I liked to guess what makes games fun, how the player interacts with it and how to provide a great experience.

Then I meet some guys that were founding ACUV, I helped them define it and I started making my own games, programming them, doodling some graphics (I really suck at drawing, but I'm good doing sketches)… That background helped give me the perspective it takes to pull a product together and have a creative vision for it.

"A lot of people tell me: "I've got a great idea for a game." Frankly, who gives a crap? A great idea is meaningless. A great idea that leverages your existing technology, gets the team excited, is feasible to do on time and budget, is commercially competitive, and, last but not least, floats the boat of a major publisher... Now you have something." -- Ken Levine

What means to me being a game designer?

I love the fact it's not static, I like the creativity. The best part is seeing something that started as a random idea in the back of your head come to life. Seeing players pick it up and appreciate it, enjoy it, having people interested in the what you've created. Being able to meet people all around the world. Sharing experiences with other developers. There are tons of impressive things I love about being game designer.

Although there are some, few, bad things, like the lag in having an idea and finally seeing it realized. Maintaining that faith and team morale high while you're waiting for ideas to be implemented is difficult. It requires a good amount of patience.

Just to finish, let me tell an story: I was at a trade show with some work mates. We were having a conversation with some members of the spanish videogame industry press and some other spanish developers. We didn't know each other so we start talking about something as random as "what games are you playing he most?" and then one guy said, "I become really addicted to an iPhone game called Battle of Puppets". Guess how big our surprise was!?

That is what ultimately drives me into making games. Knowing that someone enjoys our games.


KTOG said...

I guess folks playing LoL feel that "i can do this better" the most... just sayin...

Unknown said...

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